Jody Stelzig pic

Jody Stelzig

is an Actor, Head Wrangler and Stuntman, who has appeared in many films including:

  • Resurrection County
  • Splinter
  • The Man Who Came Back
  • Trail Of Tears
  • The Alamo
  • The Patriot
  • Friend of the Devil
  • Sugar Creek
  • The Trail Our People Survived
  • Barking Water
  • Alamo Gold
  • Walking Distance

Jody has also appeared in such television series as "Hidden Histories", "Into The West", and "Culp's Hill". His "Commercial Field Day", has also been included in his works. Jody graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 1996, with a degree in General Technology.

Jody started out as a Champion Intercollegiate and Professional Rodeo Cowboy before making his way into the film industry. Jody qualified for the College National Finals Rodeo and Texas Cowboys Rodeo Association Finals several times in the Bareback Riding event, which led him to doing horse work in films. Jody landed a career in the areas of stunt work where he has been involved in many fight scenes, wagon stunts, utility and wire work. Jody's Athletic Skills include Equestrian and his Perfomance Skills are in Stunt Work.

Jody has worked alongside many industry professionals and has been involved in several production companies, including Columbia Pictures, Palehorse Productions, and Disney to name a few. Jody's works include not only being a Actor, Head Wrangler and Stuntman but also an Excecutive Producer and Stunt Coordinator. Jody has also appeared on television channels such as TNT and The History Channel.  Jody also manages his horse and cattle ranch under the name "Rockin' J Livestock" and team ropes every chance he gets.

Jody has been involved as livestock coordinator, and stunt man for over a decade.  Some of his work includes the documentaries listed below. All films required correct period props, saddles, tack, rolling stock, and wardrobe considerations. On the below mentioned projects Rockin’ J Companies, LLC supplied livestock, background performers, props, armorers and weapons, rolling stock, and even wardrobe to help make these productions the successes that they are.

  • US National Park Service - “The Trail our People Survived”
  • The Cherokee Nation - “Trail of Tears”
  • The Chickasaw Nation and Media 13 - “Trail of Tears: The Removal"
  • Palehorse Productions - “Sugar Creek”
  • Doki-Doki Films - “September Morning”
  • Heartland Films -“Behold a Palehorse”

Rockin’ J Companies, LLC has worked hand in hand with the liaison from the Oklahoma Historical Society on Trail of Tears projects to coordinate livestock and wardrobe needs.  His works have been seen at the National Cherokee Heritage Museum regarding the National Parks Services' Trail of Tears interpretive film, and Jody was awarded the 2009 Spirit Award by The International Cherokee Film Festival as head wrangler for said film. They have also been awarded and recognized as a “Great Inspiration” for film works on the television program “Hidden Histories” by the Oklahoma State of Creativity Program.

Jody is also a distributor of the revolutionary 100% effective treatment for normal bouts of colic - Equine Gut Flush.

photo credit - Donnie Barkmeyer Western Photography